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Wayzata Garage Door Repair & Install

Complete services for your garage door including opener remotes, weather-seal replacement, broken keypads and more.


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The garage door companies listed on this website can help you with various garage door repair services, including broken cables, garage door spring replacement, weather seal replacement, bent tracks, roller replacement, garage door opener repairs and all garage door parts.

Don’t try to use your garage door if the cables snap. If you keep operating it, you’ll put additional strain on other parts of the door, including its tracks and rollers. So, if you want to avoid more expensive issues, you should have the damaged garage door cable replaced by professionals. Usually, it’s quite challenging to determine if the cables have snapped. After all, the early signs of damage are quite the same as what other garage door problems show. So, it is best that you have professional technicians inspect the issue and determine whether you need garage door cable repair services.

24-Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair Service Near You

We understand that garage doors can malfunction at any time—even at an ungodly hour. Imagine how inconvenient it is when you’re running late and you cannot get your car out of your garage. So, if you need immediate help, take advantage of our 24-hour emergency local garage door repair service. Our professional technicians are skilled, experienced, and trained to handle any hazardous and unexpected door issues. Expect our team to arrive on time and fix your garage door without delay.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

The horizontal and vertical tracks of garage doors are crucial in ensuring that the system operates smoothly. If you have misaligned or bent garage door tracks, the entire system will shake significantly when you operate it. It may even appear uneven whenever you open or close it. You may think that all you’ll need is a claw hammer to fix the problem. The truth is repairing bent garage door tracks can be dangerous. After all, malfunctioning garage doors cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. So, contact A1 Garage Door Service when you need to repair your bent garage door tracks.

18258 Minnetonka Blvd ste202 , Wayzata, MN 55391

(612) 425-0578


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